Key Information:

Ministry in charge:

  • Vanuatu Maritime Safety Authority
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities

Agencies involved:

  • Fisheries Department
  • Department of Ports and Harbour
  • Department of Environment
  • Maritime Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Vanuatu is an archipelagic South Pacific Ocean nation. It comprises of 83 islands whose population is approximately 319,137 (2021). Port Vila, on the island of Efate, is the capital. Vanuatu attained independence on 30 July 1980.

Ports in Vanuatu:

Vanuatu has three international ports. The two main international ports are located in Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu and the other one is located in Santo Island, Northern part of Vanuatu. One of the main ports in Port Vila is operated by a private company, Ifira Ports Development Service Ltd (IPDS Ltd) and the other two were operated by the Government of Vanuatu. The IPDS Ltd port is the main port for all international freight and containers cargo arriving in the capital while the Government international wharf is dedicated for all cruise vessels, gas and petrol tankers.


The fishing industry of Vanuatu plays an important role in the national economy of Vanuatu. It is the main source of income for many in the islands and Vanuatu's biggest export earner. Around 80% population of Vanuatu involved in coastal fishing for subsistence purposes and for sales for local markets. The type of fishing vessels operated within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Vanuatu includes trawler, carriers, bunkers, longliners and purse seiners. In 2021, Vanuatu exports non-fillet frozen fish with a value of $114M and ranked as the top export for Vanuatu in that year.

SBMPL Regulations:

IMO & FAO Regulations: